Pancake Ice Cream

I love Pancakes. Period. Love them so much I needed to type Period after it. I tried this guy first because of my love for pancakes and ice cream. There was no syrup involved because I’m not a terribly big fan of the sticky venom. 🙂 However I plan on trying this again with syrup, as I have received some requests and odd looks when I said “Oh I didn’t use syrup because I don’t like it”. Overall it was very tasty, it was a vanilla base with chunks of cooked pancakes. The flapjacks didn’t freeze nor become too hard so it wasn’t difficult to chew.  Two cones up!

Breakfast Dessert Please!

3 thoughts on “Pancake Ice Cream

  1. If you do try it with syrup, a blueberry or raspberry syrup would be yummy. Any different flavored syrup would give a little hint to the ice cream and probably make it even more awesome.

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