Orange You Glad I Made Sherbet?

I always had issues with the word “Sherbet”. I grew up hearing it pronounced “sure-bit”, so I’m still a little confused exactly where the “R” is supposed to fit.  Irregardless I LOVE LOVE LOVE Orange flavored items so I was excited to try this as experiment #2. Made this in early fall, so it wasn’t exactly “Sure-bit” weather but we were having spicy Asian food so thought it would be a nice cleansing night cap. I based the recipe off of
Alton Brown’s concoction . I’m not the biggest Mr. Brown fan but his recipe sounded like an Orange Julius so I thought I would try it. Overall I wasn’t too pumped. The consistency was more like shaved ice than creamy which I’m cool with but it was missing that certain punch in the taste buds that I was looking for. I will try it again when the weather warms up.

Don't let the flaky oranges fool you, it was just scrapes from the bowl.

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