Caramel Apple Cinnamon Delight

mmmm Earthy. I am a huge fan of Caramel Apples mainly because I’m not a huge fan of plain apples. huh? Yes. I am beyond particular when it comes to apples. I loathe soft, buttery apples and I’m not a huge sour fanatic so crisp Grannies do nothing for me. Alas the caramel apple is a delightful way to mask buttery apples that feel like a crispy sponge. I chopped up a bunch of Gala apples and gave them a bath in homemade caramel sauce. After letting them cool completely, I chopped ’em up and matched them up with plain vanilla and dusted the relationship with cinnamon. The apples didn’t freeze which was nice, so it was just a little chunk of earthy sugary goodness.

Ice Cream you winkin' at me? You so sweeeeeeeeet!


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