Bailey’s Chocolate with Tim Tam’s

Up until this experiment, I had not made ice cream with egg yolks. Most recipes call for eggs which is more custard based and gives it a creamy, smooth texture that feels like a newly paved road. I found my previous attempts were creamy but can see a difference. Also learned that sans-egg recipes are more likely to get a mean rash a.k.a freezer burn. So I eased into the eggs by using one. I quickly learned the delicate usage of using eggs, and saw little chunks were actually cooked. GASP! I channeled my inner Baywatch lifeguard and rescued them from the mixture. Phew life can go on.

Tim Tam’s are an Australian cookie that is equivalent to our Oreo in the sense of its user’s behavior. There is a special way you are supposed to eat it called a  “Tim Tam Slam” .  Watch Video It’s a light chocolate cookie/biscuit that is very enjoyable and since it is paired with coffee I thought Bailey’s would be a nice BFF for the concoction. I slapped myself high-five as I was a huge fan of this recipe. The consistency was a nice and smooth because the Bailey’s prevented it from getting super hard. G’Day Mate, my mouth thanks your for your down under treats!

No Kangaroos were harmed during the process of making this ice cream.

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