Would You like S’more?

mmmm edible campfire. Made this triple trouble of goodness for a co-worker’s birthday per her request. I was delighted as I am a huge fan of s’mores mainly for the marshmallows. I am addicted to the smell, outer texture, taste, everything. It’s like a little sugary ravioli filled with sticky smiles.

Marshmallow Mugshot

I was originally going to do chocolate and marshmallow swirls but that didn’t end up happening. When I melted both down, they each posed their own adolescent issues so I moved on. I just tore up the sugary raviolis into pieces and did something  random with the chocolate. After melting it, I let it cool completely and the result was a fun texture of really soft brownie bits so I threw them in as is. I didn’t want to use chocolate chips because they would compete with the crunch of the graham crackers, and was weary of having the ice cream be too crunchy. I was very pleased with how the graham crackers pulled through…soft and comforting.

It's like camping minus the bug spray and damp sleeping bags.

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