Mint Panda Chip

Chocolate chip ice cream reminds me of pandas, hence the Mint Panda Chip title. Busy birthday week at work. For another co-worker’s birthday, she requested this classic flavor to which I kindly obliged.  I would like to dedicate this song to Mint to show my true affection for the great leaf.  I love mint in water, tea, mojitos, sauces, mojitos, toothpaste, envelopes, mojitos. I plan on pairing mint with various different fruits in the summer for sorbets.

There are more recipes for Mint Panda Chip than there are articles about the Gosselins so I had my choices. I ended up going with Isaac Mizrahi’s recipe. Not lying. The reviews said it had a strong natural mint taste which I wanted so I gave it a shot. Plus the other 90 recipes I looked threw had horrible pop-up ads for Netflix which annoyed me.

Mint Potion: Fresh Mint Leaves, Cream & Milk

Like his Target fashion line I would do this recipe again.  Next time I might purree the mint and then throw in the potion and let it steep longer. Also toying with using Peppermint Schnapps next time to give it a nice texture and added mint taste. I liked the taste overall but next time I will barter and use less eggs to trade creaminess for flavor.  Of course I added green food coloring to fool your face into thinking it’s even more minty than it is. (I would really like to meet the person who thought of food coloring…especially the marketing genius who thought of “Blue Raspberry.”)

Mint Panda Chip

3 thoughts on “Mint Panda Chip

  1. Hii Leeeeeeeeeeeese! How can an east-coast manhattanite get her hands on some of this deliciousness? When will your ice cream be available in Whole Foods? Hmm?

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