Cookie Brains n’ Cream

Cookie brains! For the last 2009 ice cream batch, I turn to the classic and zombie-esk cookies n’ cream. Zombies? Yes.  When you brutally smash cookies like I did to make this, they come back with tasty revenge.  This also marks the final birthday request at work for 2009 and I’m not buying into the “half-birthday” requests.

Cookie Mugshot

For this recipe I ditched the eggs and strictly focused on its surname: Cream. Let’s just say you might want to wear your belt buckle on the first hole.  It’s a very easy recipe that has a touch of vanilla, and lots and lots of cookie brains!

Cookie Brains!

I wanted to make it a mint cookie brains recipe but the birthday girl pouted so I left it as is..but next time… it’s mint in your face! Then it will really look zombie esk cause you know this child is gonna use food coloring…[snap snap snap].

Cookie Brains n' Cream

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