As 2009 takes a back seat next to Ms. Daisy, I  reflect in a montage of thoughts and goals. Making ice cream is a very fun hobby that actually takes me away from the computer which is nice, but then puts me back to type this. Here’s a list of ideas/goals I have for the next 12 months:

1. Santa gave me a mini waffle cone maker so I can experiment with cone making and flavoring. [insert double fist pump]

2. Make ice cream for the local children’s hospital. Hopefully there aren’t too many dietary restrictions because I really want to make some fun flavors and use my sprinkles to the max.   (I also really want to get a dog this year and have he/she be a therapy dog because what a combo that would be ice cream and a dog. what an outstanding song name.)

3. I hope to enter some sort of local ice cream competition.

4. Want to use real vanilla beans.

5. Spring/Summer should provide some fun experiments with fruits and sorbets. Flavors already on the mind are: Mojito, Shirley Temple Lemon Lime sorbet (I love grenadine), Mint/Cucumber, Blueberry, Watermelon,  Tangerine, etc. eeee so excited!!

6. Try soy based ice creams for my veggie pals.

7. Santa also brought me a camera remote which will help me take better photos with the help of my three-legged friend, the tripod.

8. Going to work on staging photos, perhaps invest in some fun bowls, containers, clowns and mimes.

9. Find out shipping costs/needs.

10. Make a ridiculous commercial…as in informercial style. Wigs, black/white frustration sequence, “order now to some random town in CT,” etc. etc.

Here’s to 2010 and all that you have up your sleeve.


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