Strawberry Sorbet

Does anyone know the name of those pellets of yellow-ish bits that drape themselves on strawberry shortcake bars? I worked at a beach concession stand in high school, and strawberry shortcake bars were by far my most favorite frozen novelty. In a close second comes the Tweety ice cream bar with the creepy bubble gum eyes.

So I wanted to start off 2010 with a healthier approach. This does not mean I won’t be making full on creamy ice cream any longer, just wanted the first one to be a bit nicer on the stomach line. Strawberries are not in season at all, so I was hesitant to use “fresh strawberries” but I felt obliged to give it a whirl.

Strawberry Gang
Strawberry Mugshot

Sorbets are so healthy compared to ice cream because they have no dairy in it. zilch. Sorbets are just a menage of sugar, water and fruit. Some recipes call for using corn syrup but I just made my own simple syrup, next time I will though to see if there is a taste/consistency difference. I ended up sneaking in my own ingredients to the menage with a teaspoon of peppermint schnapps and cool whip!

Cool Whip Mugshot

Note how the fluffy cloud hangs like an icicle begging to be NOM’ed. I thought the cool whip would add a subtle taste of vanilla which it did and have to say I really enjoyed this one. It will be much more refreshing when strawberries are actually in season and it’s a bit warmer out, but high five strawberry gang, you kids played nice.

Strawberry Sorbet

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