Yay…a visitor in the kitchen! My dear friend Jo paid a visit this weekend and selected her flavor of choice, Nutella with peanut butter. Sure, I’ll take it. My experience with Nutella leading up to this experiment has been limited.  I had it in a savory crepe once, and friends tend to proclaim their affection for it, so I was curious about its mysterious street cred.

Nutella Mugshot

We found a recipe for Nutella ice cream, but Jo had the determination of a boomerang and wanted to add peanut butter to the mix. I had Skippy creamy peanut butter lying around (because I’m not a “choosey mom”), and we added that to medley of delight as well as a drizzle of vanilla extract.  I also vamped up the cream because I wanted EXTREME  “S’NOM S’NOM”, (the equivalent to the NOM in ice cream lingo).

Avatar Jotella mixin' the goods

After a field trip to the freezer this dandy came out with the same boomerang determinaton of tasting wonderful. As Jo stated with delight, “IT TASTES LIKE A PEANUT BUTTER CUP!” [Insert: S’NOM S’NOM S’NOM].  I agree in Jo’s assesement of flavor and thouroughly enjoyed it. Since this flavor consists of slapping spreads together I think the next time I might add some crunchie bits of something. Perhaps Heath Bar bits or frozen bananas bits. Thanks for the idea Jo and you have exellent clean up skills 🙂


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