Green Tea Mochi

CANNONBALL!!! I aggressively jumped at this experiment for a number of reasons:

  1. I’m going to Japan in about a week and a half. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  2. My friend who was was hosting a gathering mentioned she loves green tea ice cream.
  3. I love mochi.

I remember the exact moment I first tried ice cream mochi. It was strawberry  (the Trader Joe’s kind) and I instantly went berserk.  I  never heard of mochi prior to moving to San Francisco and instantly fell in love with its unique texture and inner cold pocket of ice cream.

Green Tea Powder Mugshot

First I made the green tea ice cream by mixing 1/4 cup of green tea powder with the normal gang of ingredients: eggs, sugar, milk and cream. I did add a whisper of vanilla because I wasn’t sure how strong the green tea was going to be and vanilla is like the UN of ice cream…it gets along with everyone.

If growing old means getting wrinkles like this, sign me up.

Next came making the mochi. I made it by combining sweet rice flour, water, sugar and vanilla. Here are the steps on how to make mochi:

Step 1: Mix Ingredients to make a biscuit-y mochi texture
Step 2: Microwave for 2 minutes until liquidy
Step 3: Zap an additional :30 seconds to form taffy-like sticky mochi dough

This guy is stickier than a movie theater floor after a Hannah Montana movie. This fly trap of sugar could rip a fire hydrant right out of the ground and make Chuck Norris weep of jealousy. I let the dough cool and then “generously dusted” a cutting board with flour.  I flattened pieces of the mochi dough so all I had to do was dollup the ice cream and then wrap. Well I learned that mochi didn’t really want to play nice with the ice cream and the instant they met, mr. mochi began to melt the ice cream. Working swiftly was the key and although I didn’t quite get the hang of it, they did turn out well for a first time effort. I am a mega fan of this green tea ice cream and it ranks up there with one of my favorite flavors I’ve made.

Green Tea Mochi
Green Tea Mochi Chillin in the Freezer

2 thoughts on “Green Tea Mochi

  1. Very cool. Gold star for diving into making Mochi! I had no idea what was involved. Like you, never had mochi ice cream until moving to SF. In awe of this effort. Hope to try some soon! Looks tasty! Appears to have more ice cream than mochi, which I like!

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