Peep Ice Cream Sammies

Peeps: It’s What’s for Easter. Peeps are what candy corn is to Halloween, a necessity. A nostalgic sugar rush drummed up by candy makers since the dawn of man. Ok maybe a little dramatic but  we all remember Peeps as the hand-held sticky bond to Easter.

Peep Mugshot

With that said, I wanted to pay homage to the sprinkled bird by incorporating into ice cream. I was playing around with the idea of just cutting up pieces of Peeps and making into a Rocky Road-esk mess but my very creative baking friend suggested an ice cream sandwich….EUREKA/GENIUS! I took her advice and sliced the peeps in half and blanketed a spread of vanilla ice cream.

Decapitated Peeps

It took several attempts to get this sugary Easter bouquet correct. The first time I didn’t refrigerate the peeps and just used them as is…fail. They were too weak to take on the heavy ice cream so it resulted in a squishy eating experience. My co-workers suggested to use a support system a.k.a. a cookie. Then one of my most blunt critics at work suggested to dye coconut green and make a little home for the Peep. DONE.

Happy Peep in the Grass
Pinky the Peep

Note: The level of detail in the Peep eyes has drastically taken a plunge. Check out the Cyclops peeps:

The aftermath

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