Samoa Ice Cream Please

The title is supposed to be read  “Some more Ice Cream Please”. [move over Carrot Top…NOT]. This week was Girl Scout cookie week as they just hit the streets. First up are Samoas, my favorite Girl Scout Cookie ever. Speaking as a Girl Scout alumni, I had my fair share of Samoa consumption through my formative years. I remember sitting in my living room with my family sorting out boxes of these iconic baked goods. 9 times out of 10,  the order was placed by one of my family members which  made my sales very easy.

Top three reasons why I love Samoas:

  1. Caramel.
  2. Coconut.
  3. Texture.
Samoa cookie mugshot (stripes and all)

The minute you bite into a samoa it’s like a pinata of flavors and textures that explode in your mouth. At $4 a box, it is on the higher end of the cookie spectrum, but well worth it for the sake of supporting young ladies testing the water of selling and being proud of their accomplishments and goals.

Samoa X-Ray

What’s interesting with samoas is that the inside is a hard cookie but the outer coating of caramel, coconut and chocolate produce a heating blanket that makes the cookie soft. It reminds me of a candy bar more than a cookie…kind of like Snickers cool Hawaiian cousin?

Anyway I just made a simple vanilla base which I think I have nailed by now. I mix brown and white sugar instead of just all white sugar and high five it with some ‘nilla extract. (Still looking for vanilla beans.) No egg yolks were used this time around because I didn’t want a really rich ice cream. I wanted the cookie flavor to blend nicely and not fight through a creamy heap of ice cream.

Delicious Badge: COMPLETE.

I liked the taste, it was exactly what I expected, nothing fancy just a cool nostalgic trip down memory lane. Co-workers were eager to try this one as one actually was on a call and drew a picture of ice cream and wrote “feed me” next to it. I now have it hanging in my cube wall as a reminder that I have a duty to fulfill my co-workers appetite.


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