The Drunken Girl Scout

FOR.THE.WIN. I used to be a girl scout and if there was a badge for ice cream then I would have been more likely to stick with it…though in retrospect I would like to know how to start a fire with my bare hands. Alas, that wasn’t the case so here I am writing about booze and ice cream.  My previous use of girl scout cookies was simple, but I thought thin mints needed to be a bit naughtier. Insert Bailey’s Irish cream.

Thin Mint Mugshot

Thin mints are pretty interesting because they have this chocolate cape hiding their inner sassy mint self. The first thing that jumps out about thin mints is the waxy decor of the chocolate cape. I get it now.Without the wax/gloss, the chocolate would just melt and the inner sassy self would be exposed leaving no room for courtship.

Thin Mints X-Ray
Thin Mint Guts

I actually didn’t want this one to end, savoring every s’nom before it took  the Slip n’ Slide down the hatch. While this ice cream doesn’t have the prestige of helping a senior citizen cross the street, it sure does feel good.

Frosty Badge: COMPLETE
Frosty Thin Mint Dollop

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