Shirley Temple Sorbet

“THE drink” in ’91. Or at least it was for me. To this day I still love Shirley Temples. I have grenadine on my shelf next to my Bailey’s as a reminder that “kid drinks” are just as cool as “grown up drinks”. As a refresher, a Shirley Temple is lemon and lime soda mixed with grenadine then garnished with a cherry. There are some variations but this is how I drank it in the 90’s.  Lemon and Lime are like the Batman and Robin of citrus fruits.  They “POW” – “ZING”- “KICK” your taste buds with their flavor.

Lime Mugshot
Lemon Mugshot

It’s been warmer in these here parts of lovely S.F. and I wanted something refreshing. I have been counting the degrees until it was appropriate to make this sour n’ sour tag team. I found a recipe for Shirley Temple ice cream but I wanted the lemon and lime uncensored so I opted for a sorbet.

I winged it and came up with a  process that was easy enough:  liquefy/chop lemons and limes, mix with some  soda water, then mingle with simple syrup. After negotiating with the cap of grenadine that was protesting to say on the bottle, I finally got to the red sugary liquid and reunited it with the lemon/lime/sugar medley. NOTE: If you own grenadine, do a routine maintenance and make sure the cap isn’t attached to the bottle, it’ll save you many ” mother &^%$ get off!”

The taste is potent. I attribute it to the fact that I didn’t use just the juices from the fruit but the actual fruit itself.  I was pleasantly surprised with the consistency. (If you can’t tell by now I’m rather obsessed with consistency and textures).  Shirley is smooth like margarine in a tub, not too icicle-y which I was envisioning.  The grenadine comes through at the very end like the encore to the whole refreshing show.  Next time I think I’ll throw in a little mint to distract a little from the lemon/lime romance. Thumbs up to the cotton candy color and spring!

Shirley Temple Sorbet

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