Cantaloupe Craving Sorbet

This was an impromptu experiment as a result of some exciting news at work. A friend/co-worker shared the  news of an addition to her family due in October! YAY! My immediate response was “Congratulations! What flavor ice cream do you want?” She mentioned the crisp and relaxing cantaloupe has been one of her cravings. I noticed her eating it last week and didn’t really know it was in season but she shared some and it was tasty.

I wish perfume makers paid more attention to cantaloupes. They smell delightful and fresh, I would even like my laundry detergent in on this smell. The skin of a cantaloupe reminds me of  the back my TV stand… highways of information connecting stuff together.

Cantaloupe mugshot

Sorbets are easier to make than a Brittney Spears song. Simple syrup + fruit = done. I cut up pieces of the cantaloupe and dropped it off at the liquid butcher, a.k.a. the blender. The color was phenomenal, a soft orange that was so soothing it was like aloe for your eyes.

Cantaloupe X-Ray
Congratulations Cantaloupes!
Baby & Momma Cantaloupe
Mama Cantaloupe

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