Shirley Temple Bunny Bites

I wish more accidents went like this one.  I was trying to make a completely different ice cream sandwich for a gathering and needless to say my batch was not going to be done in time. I had made Shirley Temple Sorbet a few days prior so I had that chillin’ in the freezer with no plans except to enjoy it myself. Fast forward to when I went to the store and came across these festive bunny face head cookies.

Bunny Cookie Collage

To my pleasant surprise, sorbet is 1.87654 billion times easier to make a sandwich with vs. ice cream. I’m still somewhat struggling on a cohesive sammie making process. I’ve tried various formats, and still run into issues. Nonetheless, I have found that sorbets are a sammie’s knight in shining armor. They mesh wonderfully, and sorbet is incredibly easy to mold in the cookie. In addition to the flexibility, sorbet doesn’t melt nearly as fast as ice cream does, so it was nice to not have to rush. The cookies were on the harder side so upon a chomp, the sorbet would squeeze out the edges. Wasn’t too pumped about that but it comes with the territory, these ready-made cookies have texture restrictions.

This was definitely a moment of accidental bliss 🙂

Shirley Temple Bunny Bites
Bunny Faces

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