Blueberry Ice Cream Pancake Smammies (kinda)

Yes I meant to type Smammies. When dealing or talking about pancakes I become a different person. The name alone brings a smile to my face.  Besides the word “beak”, I think pancakes have THE perfect name. If I were given the task of naming pancakes back in the day I would either gone with “pancake” or “edible squishy lily pad.”

Pancake Pals

The very first ice cream experiment I had was with pancakes so clearly I have a weak spot for these pan cooked palms of cake.  If I were to have a “signature” ice cream I want it to involve pancakes. There I said it. So this time I opted to use the p-cakes as the “cookie” to an ice cream sandwich. [insert a beam of light sent from above] .

Personally I like my pancakes plain Jane…meaning no syrup, fruit, chocolate, glitter, etc. A simple pat of butter will suffice. However I wanted to play around with fruit and pancakes so I opted for blueberry because it’s my second favorite fruit after oranges.

Blueberry Mugshot
Blueberry X-Ray

Most recipes call for melting down the blueberries with sugar. I complied and got a fantastic glassy magenta ooze:

Blueberry Ice Rink

While the magenta ooze  erupted, I got the rest of the ingredients acquainted: milk, cream, eggs, and sugar. After they exchanged business cards, I make the intro to the blueberry magenta ooze. After chilling in the fridge for a few hours, I noticed blueberry ooze was shy and wasn’t really coming out in the flavor. I turned to the other package of blueberries and just chopped them up in the liquid butcher (the blender). I added them to the mix and let chill overnight. This is exactly what the magenta ooze needed, a little confidence.

Lady in Red Blueberry Ice Cream

(is this background too red? Wasn’t sure.)

Classic Blueberry Ice Cream

Sooooo back to the “smammies” part. Not so much. I tested two ice cream sammies with the pancakes because I wasn’t sure how hard the pancakes would get and didn’t want to waste the ice cream. Good call. The pancakes became rock  hard and didn’t work so well so I will have to go back to the drawing board and try making more of a pancake-esk cookie.

Blueberry Pancake Smammies

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