Mexican Chocolate

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I was torn on this one…was either going to do a pinata sandwich like I tried before or make a pinata flavored ice cream with a bunch of sprinkles inside. Wanted to try something new so I asked around and got the suggestion of Mexican chocolate. I have never  had Mexican chocolate because I don’t like chocolate ice cream. Not a terribly big chocolate fan in general, I can count on one hand how many times I have purchased chocolate. Halloween x 5.

I did a little snooping and found out what makes Mexican chocolate “Mexican” is that it’s spicy. No kidding.  It consists of basically just cinnamon and some recipes call for cayenne pepper. I didn’t find any Mexican chocolate bars at two different stores so I just made it myself.

Spices n' Flavors Mugshot

The main ingredient is cocoa powder (left), a lot of cinnamon (center) and a few pinches of cayenne pepper (right). I also saw a lot of recipes include a vanilla bean which I was excited about so I threw some vanilla bean guts in the mix as well.  I didn’t use eggs because we have a baby mama-to-be at work and she educated me that baby mamas-to-be shouldn’t consume raw eggs and while they aren’t technically raw in ice cream, they are just more “warm” than fully cooked so we avoided the situation.

Desert Base

This photo is of all the spices brewing together in a cauldron of desert. There’s a quicksand layer of milk and cream underneath.

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream

I tried it after it came out of the machine and since I’m not the biggest chocolate fan I was eh about it.  I brought it for work festivities and everyone seemed to enjoy it and I got some feedback that they could taste the kick of the cinnamon.

Mexican Chocolate Crow's Feet

This was the first experiment where I could definitely taste and see the difference of not using eggs. This was a very stiff ice cream and was harder than any other ice cream I have made.  I also noticed that the less eggs there are the more crevices the ice cream will have. The creamier ice creams have less crow’s feet (lines/crevices). Just an observation amigos. Buenas noches!


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