5 O’clock Mint Chocolate Shadow

This one has been in the works since around last fall. It was my co-worker/friend’s request for her birthday and as she stated in Nov. ’09 “I want white mint chocolate chip but with shaved chocolate bits.”  Hence the name…shavings…5 0’clock shadow. I’ll keep my day job. This is actually the third time I have made a mint base ice cream and normally I don’t like to repeat unless it involves pancakes, but  mint is like the Fonzie of ice creams so I couldn’t resist hanging out with it again.

Mint Mugshot

Have to say I’m a big fan of chocolate shavings over chocolate chips. I feel that chocolate chips can sometimes take away from the flavor of the ice cream. You chew and chomp on it for a few moments and you let the ice cream slither down forgetting it like Pauly Shore’s comedic past.  I think teeth should be left for cones and not for ice cream. I like how the shavings just melt in your mouth and blend with the base of the ice cream, complimenting it like it was on a first date.

Chocolate Stubble

This does not taste anything like what you buy in isle 20. Besides homemade vanilla bean, this has the most distinct difference in flavor  from store bought mint ice cream. It tastes like earth and freshness, whereas store bought typically uses peppermint oil which I’m not opposed to if it’s just an additive flavor but if it’s the headliner of the show, I want it to perform 100%.

5 O'clock Mint Chocolate Shadow

I let it steep for about 15 minutes which colored the base to a very light green that reminded me of green tea, so it wasn’t really white at all but wasn’t neon green either. (I do love food coloring though).

The Fonzie of Ice Cream: Mr. Cool himself Mint Chocolate Chip.

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