Pomegranate with Shaved Chocolate Sorbet

The word “pomegranate”  reminds me of some sort of counter top you’d request for your kitchen. Weird I know. This was an interesting request for a co-worker/friend’s birthday. Like Slap Bracelets and B.U.M Equipment sweatshirts,  pomegranates are out of season so I was forced to  use the futuristic looking POM.

Pom Mugshot

I don’t have a deep history with pomegranates, I don’t think I’ve actually ever had the fruit in its true form, just mixed with other chemicals in drink formation. I took a swig of this and thought I was going to have to walk a yellow brick road to get the taste out of my mouth. Not a fan. I hoped that the simple syrup mixture and chocolate shavings would lighten up the mood of this bitter drink.

The Pomegranate Blob

I was having a staring contest with the pomegranate blob and it won. It held this shape and while the photo might look like it was a gel it wasn’t…it was a liquid drop but maintained it’s position during the photo shoot.

The other main ingredient was chocolate shavings. I had never “shaved” chocolate so I looked up a few videos on techniques and some mentioned using a knife’s edge but the chocolate bar I was using was very thin and I didn’t want to lose any fingers. The other technique is to use a vegetable peeler which is what I ended up using.

Chocolate Shavings Mugshot

I was kinda pleased with the end result, the simple syrup mixture was a nice friend to the POM juice and sweetened up the bitter being. In my opinion it was a bit too sweet in the end. Plus I took  MUNI (public transportation) to work which happened to have one of its major meltdowns, therefore it was out of the freezer for over an hour and got really syrupy. So it was all sorts of confused, kind of like Brendan Fraser’s career, it was all over the place with no real good end result. The birthday boy liked it which is what matters but I think I could make it better next time.

Pomegranate with Chocolate Shaved Sorbet

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