Blue Sugar

It’s Memorial Day and I wanted to make something “American”. Vanilla? No. Gasoline? No. Jello? No. I wanted to use fruit since summer is around the corner and also wanted to tie in nostalgia, so cookies seemed appropriate. I opted for making a brown sugar cookie with blueberries mixed with vanilla bean ice cream. Hence the name Blue Sugar..a play on Blue Angels. (Is this thing on?)

Blueberry Angels

I did some snooping because I want to make a really soft cookie that doesn’t require a lot of biting in the ice cream. I discovered that upping the brown sugar levels and using shortening opposed to butter will do just the trick. I threw in some blueberries to the mix for some color and fruity punch.

Brown Sugar with Blueberries X-Ray

The cookie came out soft like a balled up comforter on a bed. You wanted to jump in it and burrow your face in its soft decor. Brown sugar has such a wonderful and warm taste that needs no introduction. The blueberries melted as you can see in the photo but still maintained their shape. This was a nice result because when I added the cookies to the vanilla ice cream the blueberries sneaked out and speckled the ice cream with their blue reputation.

Blue Sugar

The cookies ended up with the same texture of cookie dough…soft and easy on the teeth. You basically have to produce a few noms and they slither down the hatch.  I really enjoy the consistency and texture as seen in the photo. I want to live in one of these crevices and every so often come out and stretch and then retreat back in.

Blue Sugar Sammie

I  did a little switch-a-roo and wanted to test out the cookies as support beams for an ice cream sammie. They were very competent and remained soft during the freezing process. I’m most concerned about how a bite will affect the ice cream in a sandwich. I hate when you bite into a sammie and all of the goods in the middle get dislodged and squirt out. Hense my need for a really soft cookie that will hold it together. I want something strong and soft…like Tina Turner.  It ended up working and the ice cream stayed put in between the cookies which allowed me to gaze at it for a second so I could pledge allegiance to its deliciousness. Happy Memorial Day!


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