Strawberry Short Olive

I tried an Olive Oil flavored ice cream months ago at Humphry Slocombe and fell in love with its delicate, subtle and interesting flavor. They mixed it with what tasted as a plain base but it’s been awhile so the cobwebs in my brain could be fooling me. I was reading one recipe for olive oil ice cream and a commentary said to use fruity olive oil if available. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t own fancy olive oil at all. I feel like its a nice thing to have around especially with the amount of garlic I love to sautee but alas I have a less than impressive bottle roaming the streets in my kitchen. I took this as a sign to take a plunge and make a full on fruity base and add my cheap-o extra virgin olive oil. Enter the original red riding hood: The Strawberry.

Strawberry Mug Shot (literally behind bars)

Strawberries are swell. Swelling with an interior bark of tasty rings, fireworks and a hippie tie-dye shirt.

Strawberry X-Ray

Instead of taking the little red riding hoods (strawberries) to the blender, I wanted to try melting them down to a syrup-like mixture which I could add the olive oil to. I did a coarse chop of the berries and then threw them in with some sugar to let them melt down to red lava.

Strawberry Lava

(This bubbling lava reminded me of a scene from Carrie when the bullies dump fake blood on her and the creepy mom’s voice echoes in the background “they’re all going to laugh at you!”).

Anyway the freckled fruit melted down nicely and I ended up getting a syrup and added some olive oil. I let them get acquainted and then tasted the newly created ensemble. It was different and a little dry so I added some sea salt. mmmm salt. I liked where this was going so added a bit more salt and then added this trio of red lava to the cream, sugar and salt crew.

Strawberry Short Olive

A couple of notes.

  1. It wasn’t as creamy as I thought, granted I did reduce the cream and milk so the strawberry could attend as the A-List actress, I was a little surprised by the texture and consistency.
  2. I added sea salt to the top of the serving  because I felt it still needed more salt.
  3. I got mixed reactions on this..I got some “This is….inte-r-e-t-ing”, which to me equals “I don’t like it.” However I did get some positive reactions too, specifically from a girl who was a fan of the Humphry Slocombe version so I think it’s an acquired taste.
  4. Next time I make strawberry ice cream  I will do the lava method again, it makes for an intense flavor vs the blender method.

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