Water vs. Melon Sorbet

Sooooooo I was looking forward to this for quite some time. Watermelon is like the bouncer of summer, you can’t really start the season without checking in with the refreshing fruit first.

Watermelon Mugshot

I was attending a BBQ and wanted to indulge the buffet o’ summer with a nice fruity sorbet. What I thought was going to be an easy experiment ended up not at all what I imagined. I bought a keg of watermelon, it felt and looked like it must have been 10 lbs. I chopped it up for what seemed to be forever and threw the chopped up pieces into the blender. (NOTE: It was room temperature. This will come into play later to my theory.) I blended it for a while because I didn’t want the watermelon texture involved in the affair. I can’t really pinpoint it but it didn’t work. I thought the simple syrup mixture would lighten the mood but no, the flavor was not sweet, not tasty, not flavorful at all. Correction: there was flavor but it came at the end when it hit your mouth and it was like stale plastic. I can’t really describe it but it was not nice in my opinion.

Water vs. Melon Sorbet Cowlick

Back to my theory. The watermelon needed to be chilled BEFORE I started to slice it. The juices needed to settle and get acquainted in this sandbox of fruit.  That’s what I’m saying. I only sliced half of the watermelon at the time and left the other half in tact in the refrigerator so when I went to make another batch I noticed that the flavor was 1.3 billion times better and more flavorful. EUREKA!

Watermelon Sorbet Smile

I also threw in some fresh lemon juice which high-fived the watermelon. The texture and consistency was very icy, similar to loose Italian ice. This one is going to take some work and I have some ideas for next time, one is to freeze the chunks of watermelon before blending so it’s like a smoothie. I won’t give up on you watermelon…never!

Watermelon Scoops

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