Baby Peaches

Baby Peach reminds me of Mario Kart. (It’s a character you can select and  always beats me so I have ill feelings towards it…kinda). Well the news broke that we have another baby-to-be in the office! The presentation was classic…it was about 10 a.m. and the news was revealed via a tank top that read “baby” and an arrow pointed to the “baby region”. Classic. Like a good insurance company I was there to congratulate and offer the comfort of an ice cream flavor of choice. This particular friend from work is a HUGE supporter and was sweet enough to say “I have been thinking about my flavor…”. Sweet. She and baby-to-be opted for peach.

Peach Mug Shot

I admit it has been years since I’ve had a peach. I don’t particular seek out the fuzzy fall looking fruit. As a texture freak, I don’t really like its book cover of fuzz. Yes I suppose that is superficial, but so be it. Peaches do remind me of summer and how my Dad would constantly stock the fridge with them.  Yes all fruit I consumed was chilled which is why to date I can’t stand room temperature fruit, just doesn’t taste refreshing to me.

De-robbed of Fuzz

Since I haven’t consumed a peach in some time I cut some up and tried to figure it out like a game of Sudoku. Trying to figure out what to do with it I turned to the 112 song “Peaches and Cream”. They clearly are aware of the nature and science behind the peach so full fleet ahead. NOT. Peaches are tricky. The consistency, flavor, texture, everything.

I ended up pureeing 2 cups of peach gizzards and then chilled it with cream, sugar and milk. No eggs because baby-mamas-to-be aren’t supposed to consume them per se, so hands off. I did babysit the peach puree with a hint of lemon juice, honey and vanilla bean paste. [arm pump].

I wasn’t satisfied. It needed more peach flavor so I bought 4 more smaller peaches that I hoped packed more juice. Done deal. I chopped up the new peach friends and dropped them off in the original peach base.  I was extremely pleased and surprised with the flavor. It had many layers, at first I thought it was too sugary but then the peach and cream swirled and formed a DNA strand that made it seem like they were a natural fit.

Baby Peaches

The consistency was not at all to my liking. It was icy and scrape-like because there were no eggs and I don’t think I left it in the machine long enough which  made it freeze harder. The photo is deceiving because I let it melt some and then whipped it up to make it creamier looking.  WHAT A FRAUD! Whatever I wanted to mess with cones OK! Next time eggs for sure! Congratulations to another baby-to-be!

Peach pop from leftover base

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