Kinda on a strawberry kick. 1. It’s in season. 2. It was buy one get one. I bought this fantastic book The Flavor Bible , which has been my nightly read for the past few weeks.  It has over 600 ingredients and you look up whatever you fancy and it provides about a dozen+ suggestions of pairings. When I thumbed to strawberries there was a bountiful feast of options and the ones that jumped out were basil and citrus.

Basil Mugshot
Strawberry Mugshot

I performed the strawberry lava method again so I threw in the red riding hoods (strawberries) with some white sugar and let them melt down on the stove. Meanwhile I went back to my old friend the clementine, peeled a few and blended them with some fresh basil. Once the strawberries were mushy enough I threw them in the blender with the clemenbasil mix and everyone had a good time. Threw this squad of flavor in the fridge and worked on my cream base. Eggs were used because I wanted creamy and fun. The result…


Gimme Gimme more…

Double Trouble

You’re colorblind you say? Here’s another…


This ice cream was the Zoolander of ice cream. I couldn’t stop staring at it. The consistency made me clap with excitement and the taste was gee golly swell. The basil was like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, it wanted the strawberries to succeed to their full potential. I brought this to a friend’s for a father’s day meal and even small children liked it which I thought they wouldn’t because of the Michelle Pfeiffer basil. Victory!


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