Corn on the Cone

Corn. Simple. Distinct. In practically everything we buy. I had heard about corn ice cream a few years ago when I was visiting New York and saw it in a parlor. I was curious and at the time passed on it because I wanted to try NYC’s infamous “pinkberry” instead. Eh. Looking back I wish I had tried the corn…

Corn Mugshot

To preface, I love corn. On the cob is my favorite method of eating it…fresh, summery, BUTTERY. I have a friend who can wipe an ear of corn in about 45 minutes but that thing is bare naked at the end..not one single kernel is left on it. I call her “clean corn” time to time because of this distinguished method of eating.

Corn Teeth

I took a field trip during lunch to the Ferry Building for their weekly Farmer’s Market and I was delighted to see fresh corn. I opted for the multi-color corn because I thought it would look prettier once I mangled it up. When I got it home I sliced off the corn from the cobs and threw it in with milk, sugar, cream and also the freshly cut cob. Let that sucker warm for a bit then let it infuse for about 30 minutes. THE SMELL. THE SMEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. My word. It smelled like a summer scratch and sniff sticker. It was so wonderful and nostalgic of old time summer days. After the infusion, I blended the mixture to get it smooth and then put it back on the stove while I geared up for the egg and sugar tag team. This flavor was more time consuming as compared to other flavors but well worth it.

Corn on the Cone

The taste…exactly what you think it is. Corn. I really enjoy this one but can see that it might not be for everyone. I’m bringing it to a 4th of July BBQ so I think it will be appropriate and compliment the gluttony of “American Food.”

Corn on the Blue Bowl

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