Mintcumber Sorbet

I remember the first time I tried cucumber in water, it was in Palm Springs and I remember thinking why the hell didn’t I think of that? Crisp, subtle, quenching and refreshing…all adjectives that make me grin.

Cucumber Mugshot

I wasn’t sure how the consistency was going to be for this sorbet because cucumbers are kinda like a tomato…gutsy. I removed the seed layer of the cucumbers so I just worked with the straw-like tube of cool. I pureed it and got this mush of cucumber that smelled lovely. I then went to town with our other friend: Mint.

Mint Mugshot

Sliced and diced mint in the chopping robot while a really light simple syrup brewed on the stove. I reduced the simple syrup mixture because I didn’t want it to be the Kanye West of the show..I wanted the cucumber and mint to shine.

Mintcumber Sorbet

I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of this. My only wish is that it wasn’t so scrape-like, wanted the consistency to be a wee bit creamier. Overall though I really enjoyed this and it was really refreshing as my friends and I enjoyed it outside on a warm summer day.


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