Mint Cookies n’ Cream

It was my “favorite girl from Philly’s” birthday and when I asked her what flavor she wanted she said “Well I like Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies and Cream.”  I have just the cure!

Mint & Oreo Mugshot

DOUBLE STUFF WHAAAAATTTT!! Just look at that extra millimeter of cream! I think I have made a mint base at least a half of dozen times by now and every time I learn something new. This time I learned that it totally depends on the freshness of the mint used. I made this flavor twice in one weekend and noticed the second batch came out better because the mint was in better shape. It was like the first batch was Arnold Swarchenegger in Kindergarten Cop and the second batch was Arnold in Total was timid and gentle and the other was out of control good.

mint cookies and cream

I have been dabbling with a new method of using corn starch instead of egg yolks. Why? I adore the creaminess that egg yolks provide but I do notice that it affects the flavor and I have been reading others who have tried corn starch and swear by it. I have made three batches now with corn starch and have to say I really like it. This ice cream was very creamy and soft, almost sticky and in my opinion a little too soft. I’m going to continue to experiment with the corn starch method and see how different flavors freeze with it.

Mini Cup

Loved this flavor. Natural mint is so wonderful and dapper. You know when it enters a room because it’s so sharp and gracious with it’s offering.  This flavor is like the Don Draper of flavors, slick, cool and guilty with pleasure.


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