Philly’s Finest

My friend who got the mint cookie’s and cream in the previous post also got this surprise flavor which I’m going to call Philly’s Finest. How come she got two flavors?! She’s my cube mate at work who puts up with my voices, antics and me ignoring her questions because I have my headphones on.  She is also a friend who helped me at the ice cream event so I wanted to show my appreciation.

If you don’t know Tastykakes, they are a Philadelphia treat made of a sponge cake and  butterscotch frosting. My Philly friend visited a few months ago and brought a bunch back to work which I saved specifically to experiment with.

Tastykake X-Ray

I was thinking of a flavor that would play nice with the butterscotch frosting so I opted for a sweetening libation: Maker’s Mark. I used probably around 1 Tbsp of the warm and buttery liquor which happens to be my favorite spirit.

Maker's Bottle

I also threw vanilla bean guts in and got this very rich and creamy base that was flirting with the little Philly cake. Once again I used corn starch instead of eggs and it remained creamy and soft.

Philly's Finest

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