Salted Caramel Mirage

Mirage? Yep. Visually I can’t believe how good this flavor looked. The studies and big brain people say that food that looks appealing tastes better… For this post, I’m going to be like Momento and work backwards:

Salted Caramel Nose

Looks like a clown nose minus the creepy intentions.

Caramel Top Hat
Follow the Salted Caramel Road

HOLD.ME. As a self proclaimed texture freak, this is like looking at the Mona Lisa..I just don’t know where to begin.

You can’t really speak of ice cream in SF without bringing up Bi-Rite and their dominance of salted caramel which is why I was intimidated. If you live in SF you get it. Bi-Rite OWNS Salted Caramel.

I made this for a special occasion. A friend at work requested it as she was moving a bookmark to a new chapter. I  knew this was going to be different than any other ice cream I’ve made…caramel is tricky because you are turning this:

Sugar Mugshot

into this:


Sorry Inspector Gadget, I won’t be needing your bungee arm for this one, all I need is heat to make caramel.  I threw in one cup of white sugar in a sauce pan and let that sucker burn until it turned to an amber color. Then I threw in some cream which solidified the caramel into a semi-solid-not-really-blob-thing:

Caramel Hockey Puck

I let this caramel hockey puck  fully dissolve in the cream which took some time. While those two got to know each other I warmed egg yolks, milk, more cream and a bit more sugar in a separate pan. [insert jazz hands]

After the hockey puck of caramel dissolved, I put in a bowl to cool down and added some sea salt and a hint of vanilla.

Salt Mugshot

Once it was cooled and ready to roll, I added the egg yolk/milk mixture and had a lovely base ready to freeze.

Not going to beat around the bush…IT.WAS. AMAZING. This dream  flavor  not only satisfies my taste buds but photography nerdness.  I have a huge crush on this ice cream…I can’t stop looking at it and batting my eyelashes.


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