Lemon Lime Vanilla Sorbeam

Sorbeam? Huh? This is an experiment I’ve wanted to try for quite some time, and involves layering ice cream flavors. It’s different than a swirl (at least that’s my vision). For this experiment I wanted to see what would happen when you layer ice cream with sorbet. So literally one layer would be vanilla bean ice cream, then on top of that would be a layer of lemon lime sorbet. I was curious to see and taste how the different textures would blend with one another. The culprits:

Lemon Mugshot
Lime Mugshot

So I made the batches and let them freeze just a bit so they would still spread easily but not blend with one another upon their first date. I had the intent of freezing the sorbeam in a rectangle or square pan and serving it like a piece of cake because I didn’t want the layers to swirl when I scooped it (or did I?).  The result:

Lemon Lime Sorbeam

The lemons were a bit too sour for my taste but overall I liked the presentation and probably will mess with something like this again. I also think the sorbet was too icy which threw off the texture battle. Next time: Creamy raspberry sorbet with vanilla beam.


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