G.C.L (Goat Cheese Lemon)

G.C.L sounds like some kind of Ford Taurus model. Regardless it is what I have named this flavor. Let’s start by saying that cheese is one of my all time favorite foods on the planet. I always have it in some form in my refrigerator and goat cheese is my #2 most favorite type. (Havarti takes #1 and  I am guilty of liking really “bad cheese” like velveta and the square fluid-like cheese found in handi-snacks). Drum roll please for The Goat:

Goat Cheese Mugshot

Awhile back I tried goat cheese gelato  from Holy Gelato and liked it but it was very rich and I got bored with it after a few bites. I remembered wishing I had mixed it with another flavor to break up the possessive relationship the goat cheese was having on my taste buds. I originally was going to  mix it with fig but after I tasted a wee sample of the goat cheese base with mashed up figs I wasn’t convinced this is how I wanted to go. Enter the lemon. I squeezed a whole lemon into the goat cheese base and let the games begin. The base was thick and looked like Elmir’s glue so I  imagined this appetizer flavor would come out creamy and soft. Not the case. It was very firm even though I added two tablespoons of corn starch which was a surprise, but after letting it sit out for a wee bit it was good to go.

G.C.L (Goat Cheese Lemon)

I really liked this one…can see it’s not for everyone but the lemon did wonderful things. It brightened up the tangy goat cheese taste and it was really light on the buds (taste). I’d make this again and serve it before a meal because it would be a cool (pun intended..not..well sorta) to start things off.

Goat Cheese Lemon Ice Cream

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