It’s like I’m the Bride of Frankenstein and I have a white streak of coconut in my hair…I just can’t stop making coconut flavored ice cream! Next up on the list is Pineapple + Coconut:

Pineapple Mugshot

What’s under this Tyrannosaurus Rex skin?

Pineapple X-Ray

If I had this much deliciousness under my skin I would want to protect it too. “The Club” that folks like to use on their steering wheel just doesn’t cut it…you need dinosaur skin to protect this deliciousness. So I whipped up back-to-back batches, the coconut was an ice cream and the pineapple was a sorbet. A very lazy sorbet. I didn’t bother making it into a true sorbet with simple syrup, I wanted the pineapple to be hard so it would stand out, so it was just  puree with some sugar and water in there. The result:


(Yes I’m a  nerd and bought umbrellas)

I consider this edible Hawaii…minus the volcanoes. Actually this ice cream is so refreshing it could stop a 9 mile rushing lava stream straight in its tracks. The lava would nom on this flavor and say “You know what, I’m done with this gig of burning stuff, I’m gonna mellow out.”


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