One Year of Ice Cream

Today marks my one year anniversary of making ice cream! I thought it was around this time and sure enough when I looked at my first post, Pancake Ice Cream, it was dated 9/11/09.  In one year I have made 55 flavors and each one I learned something new.  Reasons why I adore this hobby:

  1. I’m learning. Cooking, baking, science, photography, writing, it’s all here. So many things I love compiled into one.
  2. I’m committed. I want to make ice cream and I’ve kept up this blog. I usually get bored with most things  but with this particular hobby I keep motivating myself and always  finding flavors and techniques that I want to try.
  3. Happy. I  love making ice cream mainly because I want to share it with people. Seeing people happy and nomming is a great feeling and it’s my pleasure to make it for people.
  4. I love ice cream. It’s a food like nothing else, it’s simple, complex, fun, cold, creamy, nostalgic and handsome.

Tonight as I sat and ate Goat Cheese Lemon and watched Mad Men I reflected into a montage of this little hobby of mine and I grinned. Some of my favorite flavors and shots:

Salted Caramel Mirage
Twinkie Feast
Mint & Oreo Mugshot
Strawberry Mugshot
Plain Jane Vanilla Bean
Green Tea Powder Mugshot
Irish Car Bomb
Blueberry Pancake FTW
Happy Peep in the Grass
Lady in Red Blueberry Ice Cream
Frosty Badge: COMPLETE

The only downside to this hobby is the……health issues. Let’s be honest, ice cream is not going to be the dietary substance that will land you with a shopping spree at Forever 21.  A pint of cream is listed as having 54 servings per container. PAUSE.  I can’t think about that right now. Here’s to another great year of experiments!


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