This flavor was for a tough critic, one that drives me up a wall sometimes with her brutal honesty….she’s a real B-I….RTHDAY GIRL! It was for me and my 29th year of existence!

29 is going to be neat! right?

I found it odd I was making it for me, but I was actually making it for my birthday party so I wasn’t going to be the only one who indulged.  My favorite flavors growing up were bubble gum, orange sherbet, cookie dough and Dairy Queen vanilla soft serve. I don’t have the same adoration for bubble gum as I did when I was 9 so I opted for my true favorite, orange-ish and vanilla bean.


Unicorn Ice Cream

I used clementines because I think they have so much more flavor and juice than oranges. I don’t like to brag but I can pick out the juiciest clementine in the bunch. After having to peel 4 lbs of clementines earlier in the year I know my way around the jr. fruit. Tip: If you can peel the skin easily and there’s significant space between the skin and the fruit itself, it’s drier than your mouth after a night of drinking so STAY AWAY.


I loved this flavor, really came out exactly how I wanted. It tasted like a creamy form of Orange Julius minus the mall rat feel. I remember eagerly circling Orange Julius as a young one, pacing as I could not wait to maneuver my straw in that froth of orange vanilla playground.

This is one of my favorite pictures because by the looks of it I had a great 5th birthday. I don’t think I can approach or achieve another birthday with this much excitement and eagerness but  here’s to another good one 24 years later.

My brother and I keeping it real in '86

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