Somangon Sorbet

Yes the title sounds like a character’s  name from Avatar but in my world of ice cream Pandora, it stands for Soju + Mango + Lemon Sorbet.  I really want to work on my sorbets this year, make ’em creamy, full of flavor, and not icy…and by golly I think I’m onto something.

Just as a reminder, sorbets differ from ice cream in that they don’t contain any dairy…no milk or cream. They are basically just fruit, sugar and water.  With that kind of roster, sorbets run into the situation where there is nothing preventing it from freezing like an igloo. The fat in dairy breaks up the freezing process in ice cream leaving it creamy. (Wow this is getting very Bill Nye.) Being the texture/creamy freak that I am, I am always seeking to make a creamy, thick sorbet. [Insert: mission impossible music]

I started off with this guy…


Mango Man Mug Shot

(That pretty orange mouth is a sign of a perfectly ripe mango.)

I picked up two  other  mangoes, one was crap-o-la and the inside looked like a network of misguided intent, it was kind of stringy which makes me dry heave. The other mango wasn’t quite ripe enough but it had potential, so basically I had one good mango and a sidekick of potential. I scratched my head for a second and remembered I had frozen mangoes in the freezer…EUREKA! Poured half a bag of frozen mangoes and watched wonderful things happen. THICK. CREAMY. EDIBLE CEMENT. The frozen mangoes when blended turned into a wonderful thick spread which will come into play later.

I also introduced mango man to Soju man because alcohol, like fat,  breaks up the freezing process.


Soju Man

The results….


Somangon Sorbet

IT WAS CREAMY. [arm pump]. I think a lot had to do with the frozen mangoes which gets the unicycle wheel in my brain turning. Let’s just say……..I AM PUMPED  for spring and summer where my Pandora will be bustling with frozen novelties such as this.


Dollup of Somangon

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