Caveat: This isn’t an ice cream experiment. Why am I blogging about it? We all lost an hour of our life today with daylight savings and I want to redeem the 23  hours I have left with something that will make me feel like I had 24 hours. [Drum roll]


We begin with the sticky, sugary, and colorful pillows:  the peep. I know of very few food items that have the charisma that peeps have.  Most people don’t like them and I can’t say I’m terribly a big fan but I love looking at them. They glisten, what other food glistens like this?


Soldier Peeps reporting for pancake duty
Front n’ Center Sir.

It’s sad. I had to.


Fallen Soldiers

It’s ok…they met a great friend…the giant edible hug. THE PANCAKE.


taking a bath in pancake batter

(What are the black specs? Vanilla beans. Oh. yes. I. did)


Mingling on the burner...

drum roll again………………



How did they taste? FLUFF-E. Fluffy is a taste? YES. I think in addition to the other 5 tastes the tongue recognizes, fluffy should be added. I used a ton of baking powder so these suckers rose…they were like balloons taking flight for a voyage making their way to the Reno balloon festival.  The peeps remained in tact for the most part, they didn’t stray from their position that much. I was surprised they didn’t dye the batter more but the sugar is pretty caked on peeps so I guess it makes sense.


Peepcake X-Ray

Would I make these again? No. I did it in desperation because of the shocking effect daylight savings has…or because I woke up with an itch to just do it. You decide but I can tell you that when clocks fall back in the fall…there’s no telling what I will do with that extra hour.


10 thoughts on “Peepcakes

  1. What recipe did you use for your pancakes! Did you just make them normal but add vanilla bean and extra baking power?

    1. Yep! I used a basic pancake recipe and threw in some could use your favorite recipe and I added extra baking powder because I like fluffy things…but it’s all in what you like!

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