Sounds like a dinosaur and dominates like one too….sorta. I want to get better at swirls and everyone has their own technique but I think I finally found mine..at least with fruit.  I mixed a vanilla bean base with raspberries…which has scales like a dinosaur so we are on to something…

raspberry mugshot

Don’t be alarmed but I used frozen raspberries. [slowly walking away so no one notices]. WHAT?! WHY?! Using frozen fruit you are halfway there in terms of a frozen consistency: smooth and creamy. Fresh fruit is very watery and doesn’t thicken up the way I like so while you prepare the guillotine, I will blend together a cup of  thick and creamy smoothie of raspberry puree.  Friends again?! Wheeeeee!!!


Sooooo I should also mention I tried this as a “low-fat” option. Originally I was going to make popsicles  but last minute opted for an ice cream so I used half n’ half and milk, NO CREAM. GASP! It upsets me just reading that statement “no cream”. Not using cream is like using  fragrance-free laundry detergent. What’s the point?  You wash clothes so they are clean and smell fresh and you eat ice cream for a cold and creamy edible heaven experience. Catch my drift? Needless to say the absence of cream made it icier and in my opinion sub-par, but folks at work liked it so that’s good.

Raspberilla will eat you if you don't eat her first!

Next time there will be cream.



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