“Sorbange” sounds very insurance-y but it’s what we are going to go with.  It’s spring! In SF that doesn’t mean much temperature wise, but it does mean  NO. MORE. RAIN!  March is the new April here and it pours buckets, but it looks like that (fingers crossed) has passed so it’s time for some spring flavors! Spring to me mean is all about smells more than the temperature. Not so much in SF but growing up I always loved the smell of spring…the grass, the way the pavement smelled after months of snow sitting on it like a couch potato. Loved it. So for my rendition of spring I turn to what else, orange.

Left: Farmer's Market Right: Whole Foods

I can’t tell you the difference between coffee blends or if you should buy or lease a car,  but I can pick out juicy oranges.  As you can see above the one on the left is smaller, and the skin is smoother with less dinosaur-looking creases…you want this. As much as you want to get your bang for your buck, the smaller one is going to pack more juices because it’s smaller real estate. (It’s like Snooki from the Jersey shore, she’s short and packs a lot of ‘tude up in that leopard spandex ensemble.) Next is the “smooth” factor, the skin is smoother because it’s juicer and the juices push the skin out…I have zero scientific evidence of this, it’s just the synapses in my brain who are forcing me to type that.

I mimicked my method of freezing fruit and then blending it to get that cool and creamy texture I so long for in sorbet. I then added my trick (not anymore) of adding soju because it’s pretty flavorless and will aid in keeping the sorbet from completely freezing. How did we do?


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