Nutella Eggs

I remember Easter egg hunts well, a.k.a. elbowing other peers to find that golden egg full of jelly beans, quarters and lint. These hunts were like an episode straight out of Murder She Wrote… suspense, drama, typewriters, inquisitive eyes, etc.  I also remember my mother dressing me in a lace dress, bonnet and white gloves. Times have changed a bit, but Easter egg hunts should never stop…at any age…….ENTER NUTELLA EGGS.

Nutella egg with shark fin

This flavor started as a birthday gift for a friend then morphed into an Easter inspired giveaway. My goal was to make the ice cream thick and creamy like nutella’s natural state..except cold and swirled with dulche de leche. I don’t usually use a lot of ingredients but I figured the easter bunny wouldn’t mind so it was a medley of nutella, chocolate, Bailey’s, vanilla extract, salt, egg yolks and the trio of fun, sugar, milk, and cream. How creamy was this you ask?

Spoon Blanket

I had an easter egg of my own to add to this blend…dulche de leche.

dulche de leche swirls

The Easter bunny was a little lazy so I took over and filled eggs with the nutella mixture and my hiding spot wasn’t that suspenseful…Angela Lansbury would have figured it out in about 2 minutes, [insert: dramatic reenactment of events leading up to a scene of me storing the eggs in the freezer].

Nutella Eggs
Nutella Eggs

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