The Elka

The what? No I did not add elk or a Scandinavian girl to my ice cream. “The Elka” is named after my friend from work who requested this flavor as part of her last day at work. (Her name is actually not “Elka” at all but that’s just what we call her.)

Elka LOVES bananas. If I were corny I would say she goes bananas over bananas, ew. Anyway she eats one every morning and as we all know the laws of physics, when one eats a banana, one gets banana voice. “Banana voice?” Yes.

Definition of Banana Voice

Elka  had banana voice… EVERYDAY. So clearly she was going to choose banana flavor ice cream. I’m not a big banana fan at all so I let her run with it, she suggested “Lis! What about banana with peanut butter cookie dough and marshmallow!” Ok, that’ll do.

Banana Giraffe Neck
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Mugshot

I was pleasantly surprised on how this turned out. Frozen bananas are quite appealing, unlike their raw mushy and smelly counterpart.  Bananas when mushed up are very thick and added a nice texture to the base pre-freezing. The result…banana drumroll please…..

The Elka: Banana and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
The Elka doing a yoga pose.

Did Elka like it?

Elka eating The Elka

She did 🙂


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