I’m naming this one “Lemonilla” because it’s like a nice dinosaur that roams your mouth and leaves a large refreshing footprint. (If T-Rex knew about this ice cream, he would have been a lot nicer and less roar-y.) Still loving springtime, I wanted to pay homage to mother nature for her simple goodie bag treats, lemons and vanilla.

Lemonilla Face

It’s a basic vanilla bean base with fresh lemon juice and creamy like the milky way…

Lemonilla: a stand up citizen

What I like the most about this flavor is how calming it is, it tastes like a breezy Sunday afternoon, free of stress, responsibilities and agendas. The lemon isn’t there to startle you because the vanilla has a giant bear hug on it and the two are just swinging in the breeze. They get along so well they made baby lemonillas on top of mini nilla wafer cookies…

Lemonilla Bites

The flavor doesn’t go extinct which is my favorite part, it lingers for awhile reminding you to relax. Sign.me.up.


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