ForageSF – May

If 5/21 was Rapture Day than I hope it’s an annual event! Not only was it an amazing day weather wise here in SF but ForageSF was  happening which took the “demise of life” to a tasty unforgettable level.

This time Forage was at Public Works which is a nighclub-ish venue that has two levels of fun. I LOVE THIS SPACE.  It definitely provided vendors more space to spread out and felt less cramped for attendees too because they could roam at the pace they felt most comfortable. How did I work with the space? With 3 coolers, 3 scoops, a 2-foot ice cream lamp, sprinkles, 120 mini cones, menus and more…here’s how things looked:

Table Setup

I had to…

Rapture Poster

Let’s cut to the chase…what was on the menu?


The culprits:


The hot seller which I sold out of  at the end was Candied Violet. I actually had a cool guy come up to me at the end and say he came to Forage just to try out candied violet because he was from Sweeden where violet flavors are much more popular and wanted a taste. UMMMMMM AWESOME!!!!

This time at Forage I paid more attention to the feelings and observations I had than my first time which I was more concerned about process and the dry ice situation. Going in I had a few goals, soak it all in more, make it fun, and try an relax as much as possible. I think I achieved  most of these but the third one is a tricky one for me because when I focus on something I can’t really stop, I was definitely more relaxed this time time because I  conquered the dry ice situation.

Soaking it all in was amazing and the thing I will remember the most. Some of my favorites: people taking pictures with the ice cream lamp,  chuckles at the menu where it says “calories: meh”, the mom who was so appreciative I gave her a cup of sprinkles to bring to her son who was waiting outside, the guy who told me he hasn’t had Nilla wafers since he was a kid, the folks that came back for seconds, the satisfaction from others that made me squirm with excitement, and of course most of all, my amazing support team, my friends. Each friend who showed up is a sprinkle on my ultimate ice cream cone and my life would never taste as good if it wasn’t for each one of them. Special thanks goes to Tricia who brought me much needed spoons, LK who also brought me much needed spoons, Mike & Mary for being troopers and stayed until the end and watched me spill ice cream water all over the table, Stef for organizing the $$ so I wasn’t throwing it everywhere, and of course Irene who helped me from set up to when her feet wore out.

My work friends showing support!

Can’t really sum up in words how I feel right now but this song does a good job at filling in the blank.

Happy @ Forage

4 thoughts on “ForageSF – May

  1. I know you have the entrepreneur inside trying to get out, it appears you are well on your way. Do what you want to do – not what you have to do. UJ
    I wish I had some of your best flavors on the East side!!!!!

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