Ice Cream Club!

Knock. Knock. ICE CREAM CLUB! My smarty pants friend suggested that I should start an ice cream of the month club and it peeked my interest. I’m not a monthly member of anything except for paying my cable bill (damn Real Housewives addiction). However, I am a fan of making ice cream and especially seasonal flavors. Here’s what I’m thinking…

Of course I’m not going to leave you hangin’…

club starter kit

Each member will receive a starter kit including sprinkles, cones, spoon, pint of ice cream (for that month) and official badge/magnet.

Every month you will receive one pint of ice cream, some other experiments I’m working on and various (random/fun) ice cream related items. From pre-postaged postcards to ice cream erasers and fun contests…this club is going to be like your grammy’s bingo club ON A SUGAR HIGH.

sign up:

learn more:


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