September Flavor: Sweet Cookie Monster

September brings the sound of school buses, bathing suit sales, ridiculously appealing school supply displays,  and in most parts of the country the beginning of fall. Here in SF, not much changes other than the weather being absolutely perfect. It’s our “summer” which means the nights remain somewhat warm…

SF prides itself on not being like any other city so while I was originally going to do something involving apples because it’s hip and in season, I opted out. Not going to lie…not the biggest apple fan either. (Don’t get me started on “sour apple” flavored things. YAK.)  Instead I opted for a transitional flavor that could really appeal to any time of the year but felt this time was a good one since I have the rest of the months on lock down.

Sweet Cookie Monster. My my my what a toupee of sugar you have on your head.

Sweet Cookie Monster

The caramel is what really makes this cookie. I prepared it the same way I make the base for salted caramel ice cream so it’s up there on “to-do” list of making your brain happy. I’m excited for the ice cream of the month members to try as it’s their first non-fruit flavor so far.

the sweet cookie monster

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