Pumpkin Patch

This month brings us November’s poster child…the pumpkin. The orange bundle of strings and seeds that so many look forward to every fall. In October we participate in the manslaughter of pumpkins, however this month we ditch the creativity and have our eyes on the prize…PUMPKIN FACE.

FACT: When you eat pumpkin flavored goods, you are actually eating the outside…not the stringy guts that make your sink drain look like a walk in the park.

I can’t really speak to this flavor as my taste buds missed the memo to like pumpkin flavored things so I’m a mere backseat driver on this one. What I can say from the backseat is that this flavor is slightly spiced and cradles that fall urge to feel comforted. There’s a crew of cloves, cinnamon, ginger and a sweet high five from vanilla bean all telling jokes by the fireplace. Ginger snaps crashed the party and brought their sturdy and effective sassy self so all together you get a snippet of what fall tastes like.

Pumpkin Patch

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