Cool Kid Peppermint

There’s cool, and then there’s Fonzie. This is the Fonzie of ice cream. Slick flavor and works a room like a 50’s stud. That’s this guy.

candy cane mugshot

‘Tis the season to wear questionable, yet entertaining holiday sweaters, indulge in the fact that you are drinking eggs (eggnog) and justify it with “oh only this time of year!” and last but  certainly not last…POPCORN TINS. I love these sectional snack tins and would love to know how this tradition got started but I didn’t make popcorn tin ice cream so I’m going to digress.

I used these guys, Trader Joe’s seasonal “Candy Cane Joe Joe’s”, the December cousin to the Oreo Cookie.

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's

In lieu of the traditional vanilla cream filling, these little edible ornaments are filled with a candy cane cream  that’s just a dream to taste.

Candy Cane Cookie

What’s the holidays without some booze?! Sure I did! Threw in some Peppermint Shnapps for an extra splash of satisfaction and to also ensure this guy was smooth and creamy just like the man Fonzie himself.

Cool Kid Peppermint
Cool Kid Peppermint Postcard

This is the last flavor I’m doing to do for 2011 and I’m comfortable letting Fonzie lead the way into 2012. Happy Holidays!


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