Ice Cream Cake

You betcha! I needed a swell reason to make an ice cream cake and there was no better setting than my dear friend’s surprise birthday party. Oh and this surprise party didn’t have just humans attending…there were 20 bunnies in her living room. YEAH WE DID! The bunnies didn’t eat the ice cream cake but everyone else did. I opted for a fan favorite, “Drunken Girl Scout” which is Bailey’s Irish Cream and thin mints. Here’s how it went down…

I am a huge fan of Carvel ice cream cakes and did some sleuthing and discovered that the iconic “cookie crumbles” are oreo cookie/chocolate wafers with Magic Shell coating to bring the group together. I ended up going old school and striped out each cookie individually, it was like separating the two characters from The Notebook, these two did not want to be split from their love from one another.

The Notebook of Edible Lovers: Oreos & Cream

Next I threw in the plain Oreos into the food processor to get a chocolate dust storm which then needed some precipitation and bonding. The Magic Shell. This is like syrup but acts kind of like a glue, hardens very quickly which made for a terrific base. No ice cream was going to leak out of this edible vault foundation.

Magic Shell/Oreo Bottom

Next came the layers of Bailey’s Ice cream and thin mints…

Cake Layers

The MVP of this team by far was the springform pan which provided the flexibility to remove the bottom from the sides. I added some wax paper to ensure independence and it worked like a dream.

Look Ma! No Sides!
Drunken Girl Scout Cake

I ended up putting an additional layer of ice cream but didn’t get a shot of it until the party…

BAM! (thanks Mia for the photo)

I am looking forward to making more cakes and variations on crust and layers so quick someone have a birthday or let’s just make one up to eat it.


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