Breakfast Dessert

Wow. In the not-so-great words of Staind, “It’s been awhile.”  I haven’t written/made ice cream since February?! Holy smokes what have I been doing? Have I been stuck on a piece of gum this whole time? Trapped in an elevator? Participating in an epic arm wrestling match? Doubtful. I digress…

I got recharged for ice cream when I saw that Pop Tarts were on sale so I gently cocked my head to the side and said to myself “yes, you should make some of that right now.”

Strawberry Pop Tart Mug Shot

I have pretty fond memories of frosted strawberry Pop Tarts. My milk consumption skyrocketed every time one of these sleek pastry envelopes exited the toaster. Between the boiling lava “strawberry” injection inside and the dry as dessert pastry outside, my taste buds wanted nothing but cold and refreshing milk to diffuse the situation. It was like Back Draft for my mouth. I figured a vanilla bean base would a good counterpart to the 2 for $5 pastry and I still stand by my love for strawberry Pop Tarts. Fa life.

They were on sale.
Breakfast for Dessert – Strawberry Pop Tart
It won’t burn your mouth…promise.

It seems like Pop Tarts took on the same brand experimentation that its other 90’s counterpart Lunchables took on. Meaning, ANY FLAVOR GOES. Lunchables went from compact, neatly sliced “meat” and “cheese” and crackers to full on Thanksgiving feasts. I noticed the other day that Lunchables have no boundaries, they just keep expanding their packaging to fit a turkey leg, 7 layer dip, all you can eat buffet, you name it, Lunchables will put in a box. As for Pop Tarts, they have expanded to actually having ice cream flavors but I wanted to keep it old school and felt loyal to my two favorite flavors, strawberry and brown sugar.

Brown Sugar Pop Tart Mug Shot
Breakfast for Dessert – Brown Sugar

This is my last batch for awhile (again), but I have big plans to eat ice cream in 6 different countries over the course of the next month. Customs can’t stop me for having deliciousness in my stomach can they? NOT.


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